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Helpful links to Information on Finnish History.

A comprehensive overview of Finnish History as published on Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia.
Finnish and Related People's History, Culture and Language
An overview of The Cudgel War as published on Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia.
A very comprehensive website on the 1939-40 Finnish-Russian Winter War by Sami H. E. Korhonen. It is in English.
An article on The Lotta Svärd as listed on the Kev Os 4 Finnish Re-enactors Website. A Site for Finnish Army wartime photos, Finnish WWII militaria, and information about Finnish reenacting!
The Sami of Far Northern Europe. This is an excellent website on the people and history of Lapland.
"Ceded Karelia" (Luovutettu Karjala). A Finnish language website by Seppo Rapo. This has a tremendous amount of information on all of the area lost to Russia in 1944.
The history of Karelia as presented on the official gov't server of the Republic of Karelia.

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